Occupational Medicine

Reducing Workplace Risk

Lincoln Urgent Care offers DOT Physicals, Workman’s Compensation, Drug Testing, and other employment screenings required by the Department of Transportation & OSHA.

D.O.T. Physicals

Required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, Department of Transportation Physical testing is provided to ensure both personal & public safety.

Workman’s Comp

Describe the details of your workplace incident to qualify for insurance benefits and reduce your liability for work-related injuries & illnesses. Please inform your employer of the incident beforehand.

Drug Screening

Non Federal rapid drug testing provides results in as little as 10 minutes. For Federal or Non-Federal Drug Screens, employers can set up a company account by answering a few quick questions.

D.O.T. Physicals

The Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) require that any employee deemed “safety-sensitive” — which means that their job performance can have an impact on the general public — need to be tested to ensure their suitability for the position. Drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) fall within this category, and need to be tested every 24 months.

The 5-part test consists of vision & hearing screening, blood pressure & pulse rate testing, urinalysis, and a physical examination. At Lincoln Urgent Care, one of our doctors will perform all parts of the examination and provide official certification for the Department of Transportation.

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What to Bring

  • A photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Current medical certificate / wallet card (if you have one)
  • List of current medications, dosages, doctors & their contact info
  • Glasses or contacts (for those who require corrective lenses when driving)
  • Hearing aids (for those with hearing problems)
  • For any existing medical issues, patients must bring the appropriate documents

Workman’s Compensation

When an injury or illness is suffered in the workplace, your private insurance has the right to deny the claim on the basis that the compensation is the duty of the employer. By filing with Lincoln Urgent Care, employees may become eligible for workman’s compensation, which can pay for their medical bills and rehabilitation costs, as well as partial lost wages.

Filing for workman’s compensation is a quick and easy process, but the employer must be informed of the injury beforehand. Once all necessary parties have been informed of the situation, the patient can fill out the necessary forms and then be evaluated by one of our specialists, who will provide official, credible documentation of the injury type & severity.

By failing to properly inform your employer, or by neglecting to file for workman’s compensation, you risk being denied coverage for your workplace injury or illness altogether. For more information on eligibility, contact our office.

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Drug Screening

Federal / Non-Federal Testing

Federal & Non-Federal drug screening are performed on the federal chain of custody, and and sent to a medical review officer for an official interpretation. Most testing is done through companies that have registered accounts with Lincoln Urgent Care, which allows the company the benefit of a 30-day pay period from the time the testing is performed.

If you are an employer looking to set up an account with Lincoln Urgent Care, please fill & send in the form below, or contact us to learn more.

Rapid Screening

Our rapid testing allows patients to quickly get results within 5 to 10 minutes. At the low cost of $5 per test, patients can set up an appointment for the quick, non-invasive test.

PFTs and BATs

Lincoln Urgent Care also offers Pulmonary Function tests (PFT) and Breath Alcohol testing (BAT). If you urgently require this form of testing, please contact us.

Patient Testimonials

Hear directly from some of our satisfied patients…

Amazing service!

It’s helpful to have a provider who is thorough both in the office visit and the follow up contact. I’ve already recomended to friends and family.

Jasmine Ericsson, Rhode Island

Helped me a lot

Not only was I having problems with my vision but my eyes were also itchy, irritated and red. They treated for dry eyes and my eyes feel great!

Katelin Lee, Rhode Island

Awesome optometrists

The hours are great, and I didn’t have to wait long, what I also like about your office is that you are up-to-date with state-of the-art equipment.

Anita Sempers, Rhode Island

My vision is perfect

They gave me much more than health – they gave me my life back. One that I can still enjoy with my family and my children.

Katharyn Jackson, Rhode Island

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